Stuff to write about space

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Top 10 Strangest Things in Space

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Top 10 Strangest Things In Space

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Writing in space

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Apr 23,  · How to Free Disk Space on Your Hard Drive. Computer hard drives are getting bigger and bigger, and you think that there's lots of stuff you can hold on to. One day you get the nasty message telling you that there is not enough free disk Views: K. Writing instruments specifically intended for space writing The Fisher Space Pen is a gas-charged ball point pen that is rugged and works in a wider variety of conditions, such as zero gravity, vacuum and extreme temperatures.

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Top 10 Strangest Things In Space

Tell the class to think about things that they would need on a long trip in space. Write one or both of the following writing prompts on the board. Imagine you are packing for a three-month stay on the International Space Station (ISS).

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Top 10 Strangest Things in Space

Stumble K. Tweet. Pin This large cloud is said to contain a billion, billion, billion liters of the stuff—which would be great, if it wasn’t rendered.

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